One of the objectives of the Twinning is to have the youth of our two towns participating in our events and activities. We have been happy to help or participate in the following events :

In March 2004 the Majorettes from Great Dunmow exhibited at the Ventôse Fair

In June 2006 two soccer teams from Dunmow played against locals for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Dourdan Sports Club.

February 2005 : Two classes of Collège Condorcet traveled to  Dunmow, at the opportunity of the 100th anniversary of Entente Cordiale Treaty.

Meetings between pupils of the schools of St Mary Primary School, Dunmow and Charles Peguy, Dourdan. On April 14th 2008 the meeting was at the Eiffel Tower.

 March 2010 : The Dunmow Majorettes are back at the Ventôse Fair

Spring 2011 : Start of correspondance between the pupils of the new Dunmow Primary School (above) and Les Granges le Roi primary school

In April 2015, the Great Dunmow "Atlantis" Swimming Club visited its opposite number in Dourdan. This trip had been initiated in May 2014 in Dourdan when the leaders of the two clubs met and established contacts. The programme of this visit included a training session at Hudolia swimming pool on Thursday 9th followed by a visit to Eurodisney Resort on Friday 10th.

On Saturday 11th, the young swimmers of the two clubs competed in a friendly meeting of two hours. The British swimmers were brilliant, but the French were not ridiculous and even wan a few races. The youngs, later on, competed again and showed their skill at the Rambouillet Bowling. For the evening, l'Entente Cordiale had invited parents and clhildren of boths sides to a colloquial buffet during which medals and rewards were distributed to the children.

On Sunday 12th, after a reception at the town hall and a visit of our castle, our friends returned home in promising to welcome the french young swimmers in Dunmow in 2016.

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On your marks !

Taking advantage of the 2015 spring hollidays, the young swimmers of the Dourdan Swimming Club have visited their opposite numbers of Great Dunmow (who had visited Dourdan the year before). They were hosted in local families. The programme of the visit mixed-up competitions and sight seeing in London.

The Dunmow Twinning Association was very happy to support the event and participate in the welcome of the young Frenchies. Picture on the left shows the reception at the Dourdan's Pavilion.

In 2019, on June 28th and 29th, a group of young musicians from Dourdan's School of Music travelled to Great Dunmow, so as to play in a concert together with a band from our twinned town. The two twinning associations, English and French had worked jointly to facilitate this meeting for which funds were granted by our Town Council to cover travel costs.

After a night with the hosts families (the English musicians), a tour of Great Dunmow was organised, including a visit of St Mary's Church and the Maltings Museum. Then, after a common rehearsal, the concert was given in the afternoon, on open air nearby the Dourdan's Pavillon. In the evening a barbecue au the Angel and Harp Pub gathered all participants.

Next day, a reception at the Foakes Hall was organised, to say goodbye to the French, who do look forward to receive their new English Friends in Dourdan in a not so long time.