Our association

Birth of the Association

 The Twinning Association was founded on October 10th 1990 and went effective  after  a friendship and cooperation protocol between our two towns that was signed in spring 1991. With a little bit of humour it took the name of "Entent Cordiale Dourdan-Great Dunmow". From thereon all those who had opportunity to participate in the first organised events have been impressed by the warm-hearted welcoming they received.


Since the beginning the Association has organised a lot of meetings and events : Travels, schools trips, artists exhibitions, sport events, etc. The page "Passed events" briefly summarizes the more important of the last years.


 Signature of the frendship protocole by the Maires of the twinned cities assisted by the Presidents of the English and French Twinning Associations


 Presentation of the duly signed protocols


 The Twinning Chart


To commemorate the friendship between out towns the square between the Priory and the Town Hall was named "Square Great Dunmow"


20th anniversary of the creation of our association

  On May 15yt 2010 during the travel to Dourdan of a delegation from Great Dunmow, the two mayors have signed a letter of intent by which they have agreed to continue with and strengthen the twinning links between the two towns for the coming years, in accordance with the friendship protocol signed in 1991  To visualise this document : 

Presentation of the Association

 The aim of the Association is to make possible and promote exchanges of all kind and maintain sustainable friendly relationship between then towns of DOURDAN and GREAT DUNMOW. To do so it organizes meetings, travels and events in connection with these topics

The association is ruled by the 1901 law and is managed by a Board of Members which elects the Managing Committee. Its mail address is within the Town Hall of Dourdan.


Committee as from year 2019

 After  our A.G.M. on 26/01/19 our Committee is as follows :





President : Gérard PATURAUD

Honorific Presidents : Pierre BOCO, Fabrice SARRAZIN

Vice-President : Anna BOUCHAUD

Vice President and Webmaster : Christian RAFFIN



Treasurer : Dominique PERRIER

Vice-Treasurer : Michèle CLAMADIEU



Secretary : Guy GRIES

Vice-Secretary : Germaine PERLOT



Other Committee Members :

     8 - Jacqueline BIOLCHINI

     9 -Jean-Pierre CLAMADIEU

    10 - Christian RICHARD

    11 - Michèle HOUDIN     

    13 - Michèle BOURDAUD

    14 - Bernadette FAQUIR