English courses

Since October 2005 our association provides English courses for adults, either on Friday morning (3 courses  9:00, 10:30, 12:00) or on Monday evening (6 p.m.).

Courses last 1.5 hours and are provided in rooms put at our disposal by the Town Council. Attendants are split according to their level of knowledge and number of participants.

The teachers are paid by the association in accordance with legal requirements (hollidays, pension scheme, etc.). Only members having paid their contribution for the current year can attend. For school year 2018/2019 the charge is 100 € for a quarter of 10 courses. Three cheques are requested upon application, but are only cashed  at the begining of each quarter by the Treasurer of Entente Cordiale.

For school year 2018/2019, the courses have started early October. All are held in room Auvray 2 (Allée Rigal - behind the cinema).

So as to apply, please leave us a message

To apply :

  • Go to page "Contact us" and leave us a message

  • Or call 01 64 59 39 77

  •  Or meet us at our stand on the Association Forum in September